Monday, May 09, 2005

Publishing Lessons

I do not happily bring bad news about writing and writers. No that doesn't give me a kick. I do not promote e-publishing nor do I approve of vanity publishing. And yet, off-the-beaten-track anecdotes about publishing successes, about someone realising his/her dream of becoming a writer interest me. Often, it touches my heart as I can imagine how it feels to get what one wants.

I was touched to read Stewart Dalby's account: how, at 60, he did it for himself!

Young ladies, Dalby brings good news for you: "Publishers will only put money into a book if you are young, preferably female, write about magicians, and have five or six other books in front of you".

Are you going to write about magicians now?


bibliobibuli said...

It's almost like there's a conspiracy of articles on alternative ways to get published. ;-)

I enjoyed Dalby's story and am glad for him that he stuck it out till he got his book published. It certainly isn't easy to be your own publisher and agent.

Sad that age and gender should play a part in whether you get published or not.

Zafar Anjum said...

Sad but true Sharon...