Monday, August 15, 2005

Arundhati hints at writing a new novel

In this brilliant interview in The Outlook, Arudhati Roy hints at the possibility of writing another novel. After her award-winning debut novel, The God of Small Things, Roy had veered off into the realm of political activism and non-fiction writing. He scathing essays and speeches on American hegemony, nuclearisation, globalization and human rights violation in India and the world have won her many admirers all over the world. Her fans, however, wondered if she would ever pen another novel. In this interview, she says she might. Excerpts:

It has been eight years since ‘The God of Small Things’. Is there a second novel in you or has too much politics meant the end of Arundhati Roy’s imagination? You have also been talking of disengaging from political writing?

All writing is political. Fiction is especially subversive. But it’s time for me to change gear. I am sort of up for anything right now, which is exciting. Let’s see what happens.

Read the full interview here. It's interesting.

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