Friday, December 09, 2005

My Recent Writings

All these weeks and months, I have been busy writing and publishing stories here and there. Some of my latest writings that you can check out are listed here (with links):

Indians Roar in the Lion City (Little India, USA)

Hollywood's Indian Adventures (Asia Times, Hong Kong)

From Lantern to Lights (Outlook, India)

Salaam Mira! Tribute to a Global Talent (Jamini, Bangladesh)

BTW, Jamini is an exquisite arts journal published from Dhaka with excellent articles and pictures. I was really impressed by its quality. The Mira Nair profile is not available online but if you want to read it, I could send you a pdf. So, quite a lot to delve in there. Happy reading! And comments are always welcome.


Susan Abraham said...

Congratulations, Zafar. Very well done! And all the best with your writing endeavours.

Zafar Anjum said...

Thanks. Wish you the very best.

Molara Wood said...

Hi Zafar,

Thanks for your comment on the other side & for that Z Review! Very helpful. I find it interesting that you write a lot of social commentary too. I've just read 'From Lantern to Light' and I find it very educative, for me at least - knowing as I do, very little about the region of which you were writing: Bihar. And that MLA: "Today our schools have walls but no roofs and where there are roofs there are no walls' (sic!)Sic indeed!!

I noted the mention of Kashmir. I was at a talk given by Salman Rushdie on November 29 & Kashmir came up for mention quite a bit. My article on it is at:

The URL is only active for another day, as a new 'Sunday' page will be loaded tomorrow. I might put the piece on my blog, eventually.

Anyway, see what you think of what Rushdie had to say.


Zafar Anjum said...

Hi Molara,

Thanks for your comments here. I am mildly surprised that you tried to read my piece on Bihar, one of the poorest states of India, the place where I come from. I was glad that you could get the joke of the MLA--a mindless speechmaker who did not even care about what he was saying!

I read your piece on Rushdie and it is absolutely brilliant. His Salmanness makes perfect sense on Kashmir. Will this article be permanently available somewhere? I want to put a link to it in my website on Asian literature, Kindly let me know.

Thanks again and cheers


Anonymous said...


Once the piece goes off the page on The Nigerian Guardian, I'm happy to email you the draft for your website. I can then do a link to my blog... I'm happy with that arrangement if you are. You can send your email to me on: & I'll get the draft to you in a coupla days.

As for that MLA, we have many like that on the Nigerian political scene. One Governor one time, was asked to name the minerals derived from his state, and he named Coke & Fanta. No joke. There are many others like that. When Rushdie says 'India is so much weirder...' - that statement would also be true of Nigeria.

I'll be reading more on Dream Ink, meanwhile...


Manzoor Khan said...

Once again, congrats. The one on Lalu Yadav was really impressive.