Thursday, January 26, 2006

Two new articles

Here are two new articles:

Raising the Asian Flag: Asian filmmakers rebel against Hollywood

AMU at the Crossroads

Enjoy and send me your comments!

(Photograph: Zafar Anjum)


Pai said...


I've just read the Asian raising Flag article.
It's truth that Asian filmmakers have start to be "cool" in Occident, but you're only looking at the Hollywood statements.
I mean, that we make more cinema, of better quality of the USA commercial one.
What about French, Spanish, German, etc??
Do you think that Asian values are better than European ones?
I am not trying to open a fight about who's better, I am only trying to appoint that Hollywood it's not the only place in the west where produce cinema.
For truth, most of the Hindi people who saw cinema are immigrants, but a 20% are people who get in the Boolywood mode, just because in fashionable now.
Sounds pitiful, but it's true.
When Asian horror movies came out, everybody was a Asian horror movies fan.
And that's only a small pic of what usually happens with everything.
For sure, I preffer asian movies, but not at the cost of admit that are better than ALL western cinema.

Have you seen "Dias de Futgol"??
This Spanish movies explains clearly the reality of their actual society. It was a big crack in all europe.
What about "Mar adentro"??
And Apr├Ęs la Vie.
And many movies.

It sound great to have a very diversificated movie market... but please, not only asian.

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Zaf,
Nice work! Do keep up with your scholarly commentaries, of which you appear to have a passionate aptitude for. And you write these pieces very well, besides. Can't wait to read your novel.
Hi Pai,
Here's saying hello and that
you are so right about the West European films, I admit. I'm a sucker for the lot especially Bergman, all the Italian and the French and those holding avant-garde themes. I'm an avid collector these films. And have you seen any Japanese, because they're terrific too. I think for me, it's more the mood forms, the intensity of just one emotion especially romance and also the deep, deep dialogue that is often so bewitching. Now, just what's missing at the moment is a hot coffee!

Zafar Anjum said...

Hi Pai,

Thanks for your comments. I also love European cinema and I follow the works of a large number of Europena filmmakers. Please don't get me wrong--I am all for a vibrant and variegated world cinema. The article in question, to be precise, deals with Asian values, Asian cinema and Hollywood, and in no way rejects other national/world cinemas.

Zafar Anjum said...

Thanks Susan. I write on issues that provoke me and this reaction extends to both fiction and non-fiction.

I love many French and Italian filmmakers' works--even collect their DVDs like books. Among Japanese filmmakers, I have been exposed to the works of Kurusawa and some other filmmakers. I also love the works of some Hong Kong/Chinese filmmakers.

Susan Abraham said...

Great Zaf. I didn't know that about you. And so this hobby of yours is wonderful to know.
Happy Holidays & best wishes to your wife, susan