Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

Last week, we saw this film--The Devil Wears Prada (DWP). We means, me and my wife. It was an outing after a long gap as my daughter is only eight months old and it was difficult to leave her behind and go for a movie show. The last time we saw a film together was, I don't remember.

DWP is a breezy comedy, and am sure by now you must would have read the reviews. I would spare you another review and also save my time.

In one line, in case you never heard of this film, it is about a trainee journalist (Anne Hathway) who interns with the fear-evoking but highly respected fashion editor of Runway magazine (Maryl streep) and in the end, prefers to be a humble earthling.

If ever watch this film, let me know what you thought of the ending. I found it forced, as if the writer was trying to find a counterpoint to where he had started off from.

If you are a Meryl Streep fan, you would love this movie. And if you had a bossy boss ever in your life, you will have a cathartic experience. And you might even emerge a happier soul from the show. Is that a recommendation? Yes, sure.

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