Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life of a blog post

Have you ever wondered what happens to your blog post once you have posted it online?

Came across this interesting infographic in Wired magazine, that will show you what happens to your blog post after you have clicked "publish post" on your blog:

You have a blog. You compose a new post. You click Publish and lean back to admire your work. Imperceptibly and all but instantaneously, your post slips into a vast and recursive network of software agents, where it is crawled, indexed, mined, scraped, republished, and propagated throughout the Web. Within minutes, if you've written about a timely and noteworthy topic, a small army of bots will get the word out to anyone remotely interested, from fellow bloggers to corporate marketers...

Fun stuff. Check it out.

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bibliobibuli said...

i loved that chart!

one part of the chain i've happily added is blogfriends on facebook which has brought me new readers and helped me to find some exciting blogs