Friday, April 18, 2008

For God's sake

Khuda Ke Liye. For God's Sake. This Pakistani film is making waves in India and abroad:

Of all the flattering headlines that greeted the release this month of the first Pakistani film shown in India in four decades, one stuck in the mind of its director, Shoaib Mansoor.

“We didn’t know that Pakistan had such good houses,” the headline said, Mr. Mansoor recalled in an interview here.

It was a striking reminder of how little people in India know about their neighbors across the border.

For 43 years no Pakistan-made film had been distributed commercially to movie theaters in India until the opening here of Mr. Mansoor’s movie, “Khuda Kay Liye” (“In the Name of God”). That absence has contributed to widespread ignorance in India about contemporary Pakistan, a country set apart by such entrenched political hostility that few Indians have visited it.

The release of the film, which broke all box office records in Pakistan last year, was hailed here as a significant moment in the slowly progressing India-Pakistan peace talks.



Laju K. said...

Perhaps we all should make movies and pass them across the border and vice versa. There is always the first one. The question to be asked is why for 43 years no Pakistan-made film had made it to India?

Typically there is the seller and the buyer; the responsibility lies with both parties concerned.

The title is great and may be things will be different from now on. Let's have more faith. Laju K.

Zafar Anjum said...

Exactly. Relations between the two countries were dominated by politics and art and culture and people to people contacts suffered, breeding ignorance and suspicion. As Jawaid Akhtar has said, ignorance leads to suspicion and suspicion breeds hate. This is what has been happening in our case. But this film is a good start. It is never too late.