Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Last Sunday I was so bored I decided to watch a movie in a proper theatre. Between Shrek 4 and some other kiddish or Chinese movies running at Shaw Plaza, I opted for Sex and the City 2. I thought at least there would be some comic lines. And of course, Sarah Jessica Parker.

There were none. Or at least not to my taste. Watching Sarah on a small screen and seeing her so up close on a big screen are two different matters. Within the first ten minutes, the romance was killed for me. As of jokes, they were pallid, disappointing.

The film is half formulaic crap and half an ad for Abu Dhabi. Here, in the film's title, City 2 means Abu Dhabi (which means City 1 was New York). If there will be a City 3, I can predict it will happen somewhere else.

First up, since when "Haan Ji" is Arabic for Yes? It is a Hindustani word. I don't know the exact Arabci word for it. It would be nice to know who fooled the writer/director of this movie (was it the Indian waiter, Gaurav?). Any way, it does not matter to the American audience if this was Hindi or Arabic. It was all exotic for them.

And the way the girls seemed to be impressed with Abu Dhabi was unbelievable. These were girls from New York, not from some goadforsaken hick town.

The film is full of stereotypes: a liberal New York where gay marriages are celebrated is pitted against a conservative Arab society. Half the film happens in Abu Dhabi and you are given a good touristy view of the place, with visits to the Souk and all. And at one point, a character in the film even cheekily mentions that Dubai is now dead and it is Abu Dhabi that is the new Middle East.

And for the film's plot, there is much ado about a kiss and a big breasted nanny who turns out to be a damp squib.

It is not a movie to be enjoyed on the big screen. For all its bling power, it still comes across like a made-for-TV product.


Anonymous said...

Shrek 3 or 4? 4 is not bad.

淑怡 said...

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. ....................................................

Zafar Anjum said...

Abhimanyu, you are right. It was Shrek 4.