Thursday, July 04, 2013

20 things you should be thinking about if you care about journalism

1. Why don’t we build the audience before we build the product?

2. As technology companies have become media companies, media companies must become technology companies.

3. Are we talking too much about tools and too little about culture change?

4. The future of news design is about how content is created, not how it is presented.

5. Journalists need to be a lot more aware of data security.

6. Who, what, when, where have been commoditised. Journalism needs to focus on why, how, what next.

7. Content is now like water. It’s everywhere. Value comes from packaging it.

8. The many new faces of the unit formerly known as the article. – Circa‘s idea is to «atomise» the article, Fast Company is experimenting with «slow live blogging».

9. The best games for mobile are built for mobile, not adapted from desktop.

10. The metrics for success we use are old, industrial, wrong metrics.

11. What if we made engagement as important as consumption?

12. More people are paying for digital news in 2013 compared to 2012. But still very few.

13.  Paywalls are still more wall than pay.

14. Rule if you want people to pay for your content: It doesn’t matter if you value it, but if they value it. Part of our mission is to improve people’s lives. If we do that, revenues will follow.

15. Is it true that if it didn’t happen in English, it didn’t happen at all?

16. The past does not buy our future. Without taking risks, each dollar in profit will turn into $0.56 of loss within 5 years.

17. Bad CEOs and worse editors are using the past to kill our future. See it as your Occupy-moment. Demand change of your bosses.

18. When using social media platforms, ask yourself: 1. Who benefits? 2. Who’s in charge?

19. Your smartphone is your newsroom.

20. The big red button to make the internet go away again: Would you press it?

Top rule:  Rule of the internet: It's cheaper and easier to try than to debate about trying.

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