Saturday, February 12, 2005

I am back

This is the first post in 2005. I am dedicating it to bibliobuli. He woke me up.

All these days I did not feel like writing here. The end of 2004 with a destructive tsunami, the death and devastation--all left me shaken and cold. I did not suffer any personal loss but the pain was nevertheless there.

Then, what did I do all these days? Of course, the office work kept me occupied. Read a few good books: The Idea of India, Anthology of Indian Short Stories (edited by Rushdie et al.) and some other novels.

Out of the anthology, I loved Anajana Appachana's Sharmaji. I had been planning a similar story on a character called Sharmaji, from the same milieu of Delhi's bureaucracy. Anjana's story has raised the bar for me. I have to do better!

Another lovely story was called The Collecter by Rohinton Mistry. It is pure and brilliant.

I saw more of Kurusawa. My love for his talent is increasing with every new film of his that I watch. I find his work more in-depth, layered, and dramatic than Satyajit Ray's. I should write about this some day.


bibliobibuli said...

I is a "she" I'm afraid! Am thrilled to bits to see you writing again.

Zafar Anjum said...

Hey, sorry about that. However, because of this mistake, I actually went to your blog. Why is you pic blurred? Got a lot of good stuff to read over there. Will keep coming there!

bibliobibuli said...

Maybe I'm just a blurry person! I must do something about the pic.

Thanks for the kind words.