Monday, February 21, 2005

Tokyo Cancelled

With Tokyo Cancelled, a new Indian literary star is born or so it seems. The proof is in the fact that even a curmudgeonly dame like Shashi Deshpande has good words to say on his work:

"But it is unfair to judge a first novel by what it has not, only right to look at what it has. This one reveals enormous confidence, crafting skill and, above all, promise. One hopes that the writer will soon realise that magic realism is not unbridled imagination (the son of Robert De Niro and a Chinese laundress meets the daughter of Isabella Rosselini and Martin Scorcese!) but an absolute control over it. "

That is good news for the lad. Meanwhile, I checked Rana's website:

The site doesn't have more than what you already know about him, but it has an impressive slide show. Rana has showcased some of his photographs from around the world. You bet, the guy has got an eye for detail. Good luck Rana!

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