Monday, June 06, 2005

Why is Chopra angry with Mehta?

In the big bad world of Bollywood, two titans have clashed or so it seems, from a recent interview published in Tehelka. Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Bombay's well-known film director-producer, is angry with Suketu Mehta, author of the now-famous Maximum City.

In the interview, Chopra has said: "Mehta is crazy. His marriage is over, he’s on the street."

Chopra is angry about what he thinks Suketu wrote about him in Maximum City, even though he hasn't read the book.

"He writes, I’m told, (I haven’t read the book) that he came to my house and there were my three wives. What is this nonsense? Renu (Saluja) was my ex wife, Shabnam is in Canada. I have had one wife for nine years. I haven’t spoken about this to the press, but talking about it to you makes me think I should sue him. It suits him to project this image of an Indian director, because it fits into the dangerous mind of Americans, who like to feel superior to everyone else. The book should be banned."

"I’ve slapped a couple of critics, which is why I never get good reviews. But I hven’t slapped anyone for a long time. I have young children so I try very hard. But I get angry with people like Mehta. If he came here now, I would slap him."

You can see how angry is Mr. Chopra with Mr. Mehta.

Mr. Mehta is yet to get back with any clarifications in the media (he is based in the U.S.).

It should be remembered that Mehta had collaborated on the screenplay of Chopra's Mission Kashmir a few years back. Chopra is proud of this film.


she said...

now apparently, zafar, VVC screamed blue murder at sonia and said all the stuff about mehta was "off the record"
i am always amused (though sometimes terribly irritated) when people do that. shoot off without thinking and then say this or that they were "misquoted"!

Zafar Anjum said...

That is an interesting development. The misquoting part is very common among Indian politicians, or shall I say, celebs.