Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Aravind Adiga on Sri Lanka's own war on terror

"The world has issued the Sri Lankan government a blank check in its fight against the LTTE, and it is time now to tear up that check," says journalist and novelist Aravind Adiga, the bestselling author of The White Tiger, which won the 2008 Man Booker Prize.

In a powerful essay in The Daily Beast (theirs is the only general daily e-newsletter I subscribe to), Aravind takes the Sri Lankan govt to task for its war on terror (against LTTE) and the butchery of innocent Tamil civilians in the process:

One of the world's oldest, best-organized, and nastiest terrorist groups is about to be wiped out in Sri Lanka. This sounds like good news, but the world may soon discover that the elimination of this particular terrorist group came at a terrible price. Indeed, in so many ways, what is happening in Sri Lanka—this small, sunny, and incredibly beautiful nation—seems like a perfect libertarian's nightmare of what can go wrong in a war on terror.


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