Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kafka in Ayodhya (a short story)

Ever since the Ayodhya verdict of Sept 30 was announced, I wanted to respond to it in my own way. Then I thought: what would Kafka make of it? This case is 60 years old.

Over three nights, I wrote this first draft. The descriptions of Kafka, his life, his likes and dislikes are all authentic. But yes, he is long dead. Gregor in the story is Gregor Samsa, the dung-beetle protagonist of Kafka's most famous story, The Metamorphosis.

Read the first part here and tell me what you think of it: Kafka in Ayodhya
(Pls ignore the typos)

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Kanishka Kashyap said...

Though what you say means a lot to a large part of society and humanitarians.
But, the verdict and any possible resolution based on negotiations would be similar to the country's divide. Pandora BOX will always be alive giving opportunity to the damn politics to be played for centuries to come.
What we should aspire is a clean resolution that ought to go in Hindus favour.