Monday, July 17, 2006

The Myth of a New Delhi

FOR the last 10 years, New Delhi had been my home until I left for Singapore two years ago.

My friends, who visited New Delhi recently brought me amazing news about the city.

Delhi is transformed, they say. It has developed like never before; people are making lots of money, getting unbelievably high salaries and buying cars and houses like there's no tomorrow.

Impressive, I thought.

Read the full piece here.


rohitsahib said...

Delhi also have : now. ; - )

Cheers, Rohit

monideepa said...

Hi Zafar,

I totally agree with you. This scenario is true of Bangalore also. There are pockets of glaring prosperity, glitzy malls and swanky apartments jutting out from potholed, congested roads and middle class and slum like housing.
Basically, thanks to the IT boom, the disparities have increased.a few people get paid in foreign currency terms while others like teachers, bankers, doctors, public sector employees, earn far less though they need high levels of education and training and provide highly skilled services.

Zafar Anjum said...

Thanks Rohit. Interesting listing there.

Zafar Anjum said...

Hi Moni

Thanks for the comments, and totally agree with what you have described here about the disparities in earnings. I am sure you have seen it all from close quarters as you live in Bangalore.
And het, welcome to the world of blogging. Great!

Manzoor Khan said...

It's not just Delhi or Bangalore, but a country wide phenomenan. In fact, I'd say Delhi ain't that progressive as Hyderabad for that matter, where construction and real estate is in boom and you see many new IT campuses being set up.

People getting more salaries is also due to the booming economy we are witnessing - and the work outsourced to India has a good pie of share for good salaries. Buying cars: that's also because of easily availability of loans apart from the rize is salaries in recent times.

But has Delhi's crime rate decreased? Has it now become a safe place for women?