Friday, October 24, 2008

Between the Assassinations

Outlook reveals that The White Tiger is not, in fact, Adiga's debut novel:

Much of the hype and hoopla over Aravind Adiga's winning the Booker is about the fact that he has won it with his very first book. But The White Tiger is not, in fact, his debut novel. His first book, Between the Assassinations, had been languishing with its Indian publisher, Picador India, for over two years. They bought it from the then unknown Adiga for a modest sum, and despite it being championed by Pankaj Mishra and the literary agent, Peter Strauss, it didn't attract a single UK or US publisher. Predictably, after Adiga's Booker win, a bidding war has begun for it.



Karthik said...

Have a look at here :

Enjoy !

Zafar Anjum said...

Karthik, I am not on Orkut. I don't like the name and hassle of joining yet another network. Am on Facebook though. Thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

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